Johor Bahru Flour Mill Sdn Bhd (JBFM), a member of the FFM Berhads Group of Companies, manufactures high quality wheat flour, bran & pollard and animal feed.  The factory site of about 10 acres is located within the Johor Port Authority area. JBFM commenced operation in December 1976 and is one of the pioneer factories in Pasir Gudang Industrial area.  With its towering 45 metres high silos, it presents a conspicuous landmark in the Pasir Gudang area.

From a single flourmill in 1976, JBFM has today expanded to consist of 3 flourmills, milling capacity totaling 750 mt per day.

JBFM produces a wide range of wheat flour C from the low protein flour for biscuit and general purpose, medium protein flour for noodles to high protein for bakery and high ratio flour for the cake sector.  Its product brands include well known names such as Blue Key, Pen, Rumah Api, 3A and Gunung Mas which are mostly certified to Malaysian Standard (MS 85 : 2003). These flour are marketed mainly in West & East Malaysia and to some South East Asian countries such as Singapore and Thailand.These flour are marketed in 25 kg bags and bulk.  The Company has ventured into 1 kg consumer packing (Cap Sauh) in 1988.  The Company has a strong team of well trained technical staff providing technical advice to bakeries, biscuit factories and other flour users.  They conduct demonstration sessions for those interested in learning to make bread and cakes in their well equipped bakery.

JBFM has diversified into animal feed manufacturing in 1984.  This Feedmill Division produces a wide range of finest quality animal feed products mainly for poultry and duck farms.  The animal feed is sold in 50 kg bags and bulk.  It has a dedicated team of technical staff who visits the farms on a regular basis.

JBFM owns a fleet of tankers catering for bulk delivery of flour and animal feed.

The main sources of JBFMs raw materials comprising wheat and maize and raw materials for animal feed manufacturing, are from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Thailand, China, Japan and Europe.

JBFM places great importance on customer satisfaction, resulting in an implementation of a Quality Management System with the aim to provide consistent product quality to all valued customers. The company has been successfully certified with ISO 9001:2000 since October 2001. HACCP certification was achieved in February 2006. The scope of activities covered by the certification is the manufacture of edible wheat flour/packing of wheat.

Any visitor to JBFM will not fail to observe the multi-racial composition of its 160 strong employees (from an initial number of 90 employees in 1976).  These hardworking employees hold strong values such as integrity, dependability and good team spirit.


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